Anime  is a type of animation that appeared in Japan, and is characterized by its graphics and striking
 colors that express vibrant characters. It could be anime (or the local equivalent). They are subjects for adults as well. Anime is an acronym for Animation, a word used within Japan to refer to all Japanese animation, and outside Japan, the word anime is used to refer to animation specific to Japan only. The anime has become a local Japanese product, the story is one of its most prominent elements, and it is worth noting that the anime has become an international phenomenon that attracts millions of viewers. It embodies comedy, adventure, science fiction, horror, and other types of animation.

Anime History The emergence of the anime was with the beginning of the emergence of cinema in the early twentieth century, where the beginnings of animation were represented in drawing and displaying films, or on paper pieces, then the addition began one after the other on these drawings, and Japan became using various techniques in the production of animation with the addition of Its sound technology with loud colors. They also started using multiple cameras and transparencies, or films used in the production of animation (English: Cel), and it can be said that the anime has emerged and emerged to be one of the most important forces that culturally control the State of Japan during the twentieth century. With the beginning of World War II, especially in the thirties of the twentieth century, the trend in the production of anime and animation has become towards commercial or government propaganda, and it was not intended to entertain the people in that period. The first official Japanese production company concerned with animation aimed at entertainment appeared after the Second World War in 1948 AD and was called TOE, and one of the characteristics that distinguished the animation at that time was that it took its features from the famous Walt Disney films. The modern anime appeared in 1956 AD and met with great success and acceptance. Examples of drawings were produced by TUI Ninja Sarutobi Sasuke, which was produced in 1959. The first television production of Toei Animation Company was the popular manga Mitsuhiro Yokohama in Sally the Witch Sally (Mitsuteru Yokoyama's Sally the Witch), a child with the giant robot (English: Kid with his Giant Robot), and Osamu Tezuka was the pioneer in the production of modern manga And, Japanese comic novels contributed greatly to the aesthetic aspect of the anime.

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